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Breast enlargement through hypnosis?

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If there were one part of your body you could change, what would it be? And if you were able to change other parts as well, would you? What about your beliefs, attitudes, or habits? Are you living your life to the fullest, or are there some things that may be holding you back?


Whatever your answers to these questions are, The Body Contouring Programme™ may hold the solution. While it's true that the majority of the recognition that The Body Contouring Programme™ has received is attributed to breast enlargement, the program actually works in harmony with the individual to create a complete personal make-over, for those desirous of it.


Breast enlargement through hypnosis (visualization or imagery) is nothing new. Successful clinical research has been in existence since the 1960s. Check out our FAQ's page or Reference page for further information. While that may be reassuring, the good news is that today the results are often faster!


Acclaim given to The Body Contouring Programme™ revolves around the current techniques developed and described for breast enlargement, and "spot" or specific area reductions. Average results are over 2.25" in less than eight weeks, with results of over 6" frequently being reported. The techniques are currently being practiced worldwide, with hundreds of satisfied participants.


There is an increasing number of therapists scattered throughout the world who have begun practicing these types of techniques in recent years. The most expensive we are aware of (in Beverly Hills) charge up to $3600.00 for personal consultation and weekly sessions. Although seemingly expensive, we still feel it's a better (and less expensive) option than surgery. Our in-office sessions are approximately $1500.00 (a therapist's time is valuable). In all programs that we are aware of, the client still needs to listen daily to audio reinforcement for the duration of the sessions (8-12 weeks).


Sharp Enough to Be Your Own Surgeon Book

In 1974 Dr. Keith D. Clark began working with hypnosis. He has worked with thousands of clients and students since then. Out of this experience he has written the book You're Sharp Enough To Be Your Own Surgeon. This book shows you how you can utilize hypnotherapy to create physical change. The book contains explanations, theories, techniques, and even scripts for audio reinforcement. In addition, the actual compact discs he developed and uses are now available to the public, as part of The Body Contouring Programme™.


According to Dr. Clark, if a person is free of limiting decisions and secondary gains, they can achieve tremendous physical transformation with this program. This can all be done without the assistance of a therapist. In the event that the person has some limiting beliefs, the second CD in the Audio Induction Series (The Room of Transformation) allows them the opportunity to modify or eliminate them altogether!



With the increased access and use of the Internet, options such as The Body Contouring Programme™ are becoming more widely available. Many of the program's content, theories, and techniques will share a number of similarities, and some may be radically different. It may come down to whose voice and/or background you prefer to listen to on a recording repeatedly.


Investments in different programs and products vary as well. Although, as in so many cases, price is not necessarily indicative of quality, content, or value. Single audio downloads (MP3’s) or CDs are advertised as reasonable as $9.95, with some products into the hundreds of dollars. The entire Body Contouring Programme™, a compilation of SIX Audio Inductions/Visualizations with both sleep and wake-up endings, for a total of 12 MP3’s NOW AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD for the low cost of only $64.95!


If you prefer to have the Audio Inductions/Visualizations on CD they are available in a complete package, including the book You're Sharp Enough To Be Your Own Surgeon and the SIX Compact Disc Audio Induction series Body Contouring Programme™, now available for purchase over the Internet for only $89.95 $74.95.


The techniques we used in developing The Body Contouring Programme™ include Hypnotherapy, Time Line™ Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Ancient Hawai'ian Huna, and Kinesiology. By combining these technologies we are able to identify and utilize the specific way an individual processes information and experiences their environment. As a result, we can provide them with tools and skills to enhance their life. These areas include eliminating limiting decisions and beliefs, modifying behavior, and altering physical appearance.

Information about The Body Contouring Programme™ is contained in the book You're Sharp Enough To Be Your Own Surgeon by Dr. Keith D. Clark (1993). The Table of Contents and an excerpt, Chapter 1, are available for viewing on their respective web pages as well as a sample induction.


In addition to the book, audio inductions are available in either downloadable MP3 format or on Compact Disks. These CDs have been developed in clinical studies begun in 1989. They have proven so effective that they do not require a therapist to work with them. The CDs are digitally recorded in a sound studio. This eliminates potentially annoying and distracting hiss and background noise. The actual inductions are laid over sound studio-created and tested background music, designed to create progressive relaxation and endocrine (chakra) opening and alignment.


The Body Contouring Programme Audio Induction Series has been created to assist individuals in accomplishing their physical transformation without the assistance of a therapist. Package pricing and IMMEDIATE DIGITAL DOWNLOADS are now available, as well as Custom-made and personalized MP3’S and CDs. Please check out our products page.