10 Things that make the most perfect gifts!

From Contour kits to polaroid cameras, we've got you covered!

1.) This Clueless movie poster

Which features a cartoon of every outfit that Cher wore throughout the film!
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2.) A Tiki Cocktails book

Even with summer coming to an end, there's always a time for cocktails!
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3.) A Contour kit

Our large contour kits consist of 6 super creamy, easy to blend shades to achieve a perfectly chiselled, glamourous look. If you're deciding on which contour kit is best for your skin tone you can read this blog.


4.) Pandora charms

Not only are these charms super cute but their new charms start from as little as £25!
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5.) This Mean Girls bag

Soooo fetch!
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6.) A Netflix subscription


So you never have to leave the house again!


7.) Cat & dog based anything

Everyone has a friend whos a bit of a crazy cat lady!
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8.) This mermaid brush set

This amazing brush set from Niko Pro includes 10 mermaid themed makeup brushes to assist you through every step of your makeup routine. Not only are these makeup brushes totally on trend, these brushes are made from the softest synthetic hair and are totaly cruelty free.
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9.) Polaroid Camera

These cameras are super easy to use and come in a range of colours.
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10.) Candles

For the real saints!
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