Contour Cosmetics used on Kim Kardashian!

Our Contour Palette has been the favourite of makeup artists since day 1, but the latest fan of our contouring makeup is Mario Dedivanovic – friend and makeup artist of Kim Kardashian herself! On Thursday, Mario posted a fabulous photo of him creating a stunning look with our little white palette, and we couldn’t be happier that the Contour love is continuing to spread far and wide!

The photo was taken backstage while the pair filmed a video tutorial for her app! Kim’s flawless look was created by Mario with our Contour Compact, which is the handbag sized version of our best-selling palette, Contour Original. Our contouring makeup makes it simple to get Kim’s look, as created by Mario!

Recreate Kim’s look with our Compact Contour Palette!

If you want to get a flawless, fierce finish like Kim’s contour above, our Contour palette is the only kit you need! The cream-based contouring makeup is formulated to make it easy to blend to achieve a beautifully sculpted face, and each palette comes with a step by step guide so you can recreate this amazing look.

Contour Compact may be the little sister to our Contour Original, but from small packages come amazing things!  Featuring the original Contour palette shades, Contour Compact is the perfect accessory, whether you’re out for cocktails or just grabbing a quick coffee!

Contour Compact expands your Contour collection, bringing you a 24 hour Contour palette! Now you can enjoy the luxury of Contour on your dressing table AND Contour in your handbag! Grab the contouring makeup that is taking the world by storm and join the Contour Clique.


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