Say hello to Contour Compact 2!

It’s the one you’ve all been waiting for since the launch of Contour Compact Original – the little sister to Contour 2, Contour Compact 2! With the same high quality and pigmentation as the full sized palette, our Contour Compact 2 is the perfect way to take your contour on the go.

You asked, we delivered.  After we released Contour Compact Original, you Contour Queens had such high demand for Contour Compact 2 that we of course had to release a travel sized version of Contour 2! Since our launch earlier this week, Contour Compact 2 has been going down a storm – it is sure to be a firm favourite in our make up bags!

The shades in Contour 2 and Contour Compact 2 are a lot cooler toned than the original, which makes this contouring make up perfect those who want a cool, defined contour. As with all of our Contour palettes, we selected the shades of Contour Compact 2 to work with as many different skin tones as possible. With a range of contour shades from light to dark, Contour Compact 2 is perfect for a range of skin tones from pale to deep. As the formulation of our contouring make up is so creamy and blendable, you can also create custom shades by mixing the palette shades together, allowing a range of looks from subtle to dramatic, and for a variety of skin tones. For more information on colour matching, please see our colour match page.

With the summer season coming up, you won’t want to miss Contour Compact 2 – the perfect travel companion!


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