Get a Rock Goddess Glow with Contour Rocks – a Perfect Addition to Your Contour Kit!

 Contour Cosmetics has a new exclusive product– introducing Contour Rocks.

This beauty has been 12 months in the making and is here to give your contour a flawless rock goddess glow!

This luxurious and essential contouring add-on allows you to set your cream contour whilst creating a gorgeous bronzed glow for a sharper, deeper contour.

Follow our steps to achieve the perfect contour using Contour Rocks! 

STEP ONE // Choose Your Weapon

It’s time to create the contour to die for! You have a choice of two sets of shades within our contouring kit range – Contour Original or Contour 2.

Contour Original has warmer undertones and overall lighter shades, this contour kit is perfect for those with medium/olive skintones.

Contour 2 is our contour kit perfect for those with a range of pale to dark skin with cool undertones.

No matter what your skin tone may be, we have got your covered. Together, our contour kits suit all skin tones and allow you to create a picture-perfect contour.  

 Contour Kit

STEP TWO // Contour, Contour, Contour.

With 6 colours, our unique contour kits are designed for all your contour needs, taking you from day to night. The cream based, easy to blend formula makes it simple to create a beautiful sculpted contour.

Using our 01 Sculpting Brush, apply the darker contour shades (from whichever contour kit you choose) to the hollows of your cheek, across the top of your forehead, jawline and down each side of your nose. 

// It’s Time for the Highlight Makeup


Now it’s time to apply the light shades of your contour kit. Apply the highlighting shades under the eyes, centre of the forehead and nose to illuminate and enhance your features!

Don’t forget to blend! Buff that formula to a flawless finish with either our  14 Blending Brush or Pro Blender. We recommend slightly dampening the blender before use.

STEP FOUR // Rock Goddess Glow

It’s time for the main event Contour Queens! The Contour Rocks are here to enhance your contour and give you a healthy, golden glow!

With our limited edition rose gold angled brush, sweep the luxurious bronzing Rocks across your cheeks for a glowing finish. Our brush is an ideal tool to further define your contour and fabulous for applying and blending powder based products evenly. The angled shape of the brush is perfect for hollowing your cheekbones and creating a more defined look.

The Contour Rocks blend like a dream, making it easy to build your contour up for an intense and dramatic look, but also allowing you to create a natural and healthy glow – there are no limits with these luxurious bronzing rocks!
Contour Rocks

TIP // Don’t forget to use me for highlight too!

Due to the gorgeous shimmer of our Contour Rocks, they can also be used as highlighter!  Sweep the Rocks over your cheekbones using our brush for beautiful highlight makeup.

Perfect for the summer, our Contour Rocks are going down a storm as a fabulous companion to our contour kits! Our high quality and extremely pigmented bronzing Rocks can work on an array of skin tones, making them an ideal addition to your contour kit.

Our limited edition Rose Gold Angled Brush is now available to buy also! The perfect instagrammable accessory to your Rocks, our brush is specifically designed for all your contour needs! Perfect contour, every day.  




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