How to choose the right Contour Kit for your skin tone!

Let’s be honest, we all love a good contour. Getting chiselled cheekbones is fiercely on trend at the moment and it shows no sign of slowing down.

However, to non-professionals the art of contouring and matching the right shades to your skin tone might seem daunting. With this guide and enough practice with our contour kits – you can achieve a flawless contour in no time!


1. Fair / Light Skin Tones
Fair to light skinned ladies have to be extra careful when choosing their contouring makeup. Anything too dark or orange will look obvious and heavy on your skin, therefore it’s best to choose colours from our contour kit that are barely any darker than your skin tone!

Thankfully, we have the contour kit just for you! With its gorgeous array of colours for those with light skin tones, Contour 2 is about to become your most valued possession! To ensure that your contour is flawless use our pro blender, dampen it slightly and blend the edges of your contour for an immaculate finish.

2. Medium Skin Tones

For medium skin remember to pick a colour that is two shades darker than your base colour to achieve a flawless chiselled look. Depending on whether you have cool undertones or warm undertones, both of our contour kits (Contour Original and Contour 2) would be perfect for you!

3. Dark Skin Tones
As lighter skin tones use darker colours to contour, those with darker skin tones should highlight to create depth! Adding a coppery bronze shade for highlighter will help sculpt your face and flatter your skin.

Choose two shades lighter than your skin tone when picking your contouring makeup. Focus on your T-zone, under eye areas and lower jaw for highlight and depending on your skin tone, you may want to use darker shades on your temples, underneath your cheekbones and chin.

Remember to blend well using our Contour 14 Blending Brush for an immaculate finish!

Contour Cosmetics is for everyone. Using the unique and creamy formula of the contour palettes, get ready to create a fabulous and chiselled contour whatever your skin tone. Together, our contour kits suit all skin tones – you can even mix the shades together to create your own unique and custom shades for a perfect match!

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