Cream Contour Kit Hacks: Hints and Tips For the Perfect Contour

Contouring is an art that make-up artists around the world have been using on celebrities for many years, however it’s only in the last few years that contouring has become a permanent part in everyone else's make-up routine.

Thanks to the Kim Kardashian picture that surfaced a couple of years ago with her unblended contour, everyone was asking questions about this make-up trend and how we could get the look ourselves. Years later and contouring is still going strong with no sign of slowing down and here's the proof - Mario Dedivanovic using our Contour Compact on Kim Kardashion herself a few months ago!  Here are some helpful hacks to try with our cream contour kit to make sure you are contoured to perfection....

kim kardashian contour

Base, base, base!
Before starting your contour it’s important to start with an amazing foundation base. You want your skin looking flawless and even for it become the perfect canvas for our cream contour kit. Having a flawless base is needed for a strong contour and immaculate chiselled look. Remember, contour goes after your foundation and before the setting powder!

Start small. 
It’s easier to build your contour up, than it is to take it away. Start small and subtle and add extra highlight and contour if you need to later. 

Know your shape.
Contouring is all about having a chiselled, flawless look. It is important to know your face shape, whether it is oval, square, or round etc; it can make a huge difference to how you contour. The shape of your face will dictate where you highlight and where you contour. Unsure how to contour for your face shape? We’ve got a guide to help you.

Choosing your shade
Whatever your skin tone, always choose a colour from our cream contour kit that is that is 2 shades darker than your skin tone. A darker shade than this can make your contour look unnatural.

Blend like a champ!
Probably one of the most important steps to achieve the perfect contour – blending! To make your contour look natural and immaculate, use our Contour 14 Blending Brush to blend your edges!

Don’t forget your nose
Now your cheeks are flawlessly contoured, it’s time to think about the nose. To make your nose look slimmer and straighter, draw a line from the beginning of your eyebrow and take it straight down to the tip of your nose. If you want to make your nose look slimmer, bring the lines closer together and additionally, if you want to make your nose look shorter apply contour under the tip of your nose.  

Our highlight and contour kit will help you achieved a flawless chiselled look!

Using the highlight and contour kit of your choice – Contour Original or Contour 2, these helpful hacks will ensure that your contour is on point! You may even rival the queen of contour herself, Kim Kardashian! Both Contour Original and Contour 2 are currently on sale, along with many other products, so you can achieve the perfect contour in no time.



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