Want To Get The Best Out of Your Contour Kit? Then You Need These Contour Tools…

The one thing that will take your makeup from simple to stunning is the makeup brushes you use. We all need gorgeous, high quality brushes and tools to create a flawless and immaculate finish, and even more so for the perfect contour. Contour Cosmetics offer a wide range of tools to compliment your contour kit, from sponges to blending brushes; we’ve got just the thing for you to create the best contouring makeup.


The Pro Blender

The Pro Blender is the perfect assistant to your contour kit - it can take your contour to the next level and provide you with a flawless finish. The creamy formula of our contour kits makes the pro blender’s job easy as it immaculately blends your contour and highlight for a gorgeous finish. This tool is expertly shaped making it an essential tool to blend out all areas.

TIP: Dampen your Pro Blender slightly for better blending!


Contour 14 Blending Brush

This flat tipped brush is a perfect tool for creating a smooth and even coverage. Once again, this brush works best with the creamy consistency of our contour kit, either Contour Original or Contour 2. Like the name suggests, it is built for blending! You will not want to create your contour look without it!


Contour 01 Sculpting Brush

Used to create precise lines, this Sculpting Brush makes sure that your contour and highlight is on point! The synthetic fibre flat brush is ideal for precision and creating a sharp and accurate contour. Using our contour kit, apply the creamy formula using this brush to create a chiselled, structured look.


Contour 07 Angled Brush

Available in two colours, limited addition rose gold or silver, the contour angled brush is a perfect companion to your Contour Rocks. The soft and fluffy brush is ideal for applying powder based products and makes applying the Contour Rocks easy! The brush is specifically designed for your contour needs as the angle of the brush is perfect for hollowing the cheekbones and creating the best contouring makeup.


Do you want the best contouring makeup? Then you’re in the right place.

Our contour kits and contour tools go hand in hand! Specifically designed to help you achieve a flawless and immaculate contour, our brushes are not to be missed!

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