A Guide to Strobing: Beautiful and Glowing Highlight Makeup

Let’s be real, we’ve all heard of contouring before. It’s a trend that is going strong and we love it! Well, it’s time to forget about contouring for just one moment and talk about strobing.  We have jumped on the strobing hype and we are ready to teach you the basics and help you achieve a glowing and highlighted look which will be perfect for summer! Strobing is all about a embracing the highlight makeup and creating a dewy finish.

But, don’t worry; you will still need your favourite contour palette to get you through this trend. Our highlight shades are perfect for the strobing hype and here’s how to use them…


Prep your skin
Like we’ve mentioned already, strobing is all about a healthy, glowing finish and one way to help your strobing along is your skin prep! Apply a hydrating moisturiser to replenish your skin beforehand, this will give your skin a help towards creating a dewy look.  

Make sure you match
There’s nothing more important than picking a highlight shade that already matches your skin tone. You want highlight makeup that compliments you skin tone and will leave your skin with a dewy finish. Contour Original and Contour 2 both contain highlight shades; therefore we can guarantee you will find a shade perfect for you!

TIP: If you still can’t find a shade that matches your skin tone, try mixing the shades together! The formula of our contour palettes are super creamy and easy to blend, so try experimenting with the colours until you find your exact match!

Use a matte formula.
When it comes to strobing, using a matte formula is always best.  You don’t want to be looking too shimmery! The creamy matte formula of our contour palette, allows the highlighter to bounce of the light and illuminate the areas that you want to be seen. The matte formula gives a visible glow and dewy finish.


Use the highlight from our contour palette on areas that will catch the light

Strobing is all about catching the light.  You should apply your highlight makeup to enhance your facial features, therefore try applying your highlight to areas that the natural light already hits such as on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, below the brow bone, and centre of the forehead and above your cupids bow.

Once you’ve applied your highlight to certain areas of your face, it’s time to blend. You want your strobing to look natural, like your face just happens to look like this all the time and blending is the way to ensure this! Using the 14 Blending Blush buff your highlight into your skin including under your eye, forehead and down your nose.

Add the Shimmer
Our multi-use Contour Rocks can not only be used as a bronzer, but as a highlight too! The gorgeous shimmer of the rocks makes them perfect for highlight. Sweep the rocks lightly across your cheekbones to create a shimmery and glowing highlight to finish your strobing off beautifully.



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