We get asked all the time 'How should I contour my face to suit my face shape?'

By using our MULTI-USE FACE CONTOURING SET to shadow and enhance targeted areas you can create the appearance of a more defined and delicate bone structure...Hello Angelina Jolie cheek bones!





If you have a round face shape, we advise applying your CONTOUR formulation as shown below. By applying the formulation to the edges of your face you are highlighting a smaller area of the face which will give the impression of a more slender bone structure.

Start your contour by blending the formulation from your hairline to as far in as your eyebrows. From the jawline, in an upwards motion, blend the formulation to just under your natural cheek bone (or in line with the centre of your mouth)

Did anyone ever tell you that you have a look of Kim K?




If you have a square face shape you can create the impression of a more oval, slender face  by applying our CONTOUR formulation as seen below.

Apply the formulation to the side of the forehead using our CONTOUR 01 Sculpting Brush, taking it towards the centre of the forehead on an angle, this style of contouring creates a slimmer looking forehead.

You can soften your jawline by applying the contour formulation as shown below. Avoid the chin area, by bringing the formulation down in an angle towards the chin you will give the appearance of a slender chin and jawline.

Girl, you have more sculpt appeal than Beyonce!




Triangular faces already have lots of definition- lucky you! By applying our CONTOUR formulation as shown below you are focusing on lengthening the face shape. 

By applying the darker contour shades to the side of your cheeks you're bringing the width of the face in, giving the impression of more oval shaped face.

Don't take the contour along the jaw or chin area, just focus on the upper cheeks and forehead, for the perfect finish.

Wow, Carmen Electra called...


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