Cream's the new black...


More traditional ways of contouring involved using powders, but we are all about our unique formulation cream for creating the perfect contour! 

We have used both, powders and creams to contour; we have discovered you don’t get that sleek, defined finish through powders, which is why we developed our unique creamy formulations!

The benefits of using creams for contouring is the precision and long lasting affect that you can’t achieve through powders alone.

Our creamy formulation can be placed precisely using our Contour 01 brush, ensuring you are contouring and highlighting the correct areas of the face without the formulation slipping and moving, like with a powder. By using the CONTOUR 14 brush to distribute the cream, you are working the formulation gently into the skin, this prevents it from moving. Unlike a powder which can move on the skin, our cream will sit firmly without any movement.

The creams are great because not only can you contour with them, they have other great uses too!

The lighter, cooler, shades are great to use as an everyday concealer to banish dark circles under eyes or breaks outs on the skin. We often use the lighter creams under our foundations as a concealer, as the coverage is so great and stays in place all day long.

If you don’t have time to contour everyday- we know the feeling, running for the tube first thing in the morning with your half drank Mocha in one hand and contour brush in the other! Why not use the warmer colours as an everyday bronzer, the creamy formulations mean it sits perfectly on your skin without you having to even wear a foundation underneath, creating the perfect light, natural day look.

Top Tip- If we are having a more casual day, we will wear a tinted moisturiser and use the darker contour shades as a cream bronzer to bring a little warmth to our cheeks and nose, Hello Healthy Glow!


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