Complexion Perfecting Contouring Tips to Banish Lines and Blemishes

You don’t need to have a team of make-up artists or the most blemish-free skin to reap the benefits of our contour make up.

Our multi-use Contour kit can be used to make skin appear even and youthful without emphasising lines. Highlighting and sculpting your face through contouring is one of the quickest ways to instantly give your skin a complexion perfecting radiant boost of youth.

Our Contour Kit is not only fantastic for all skin types and ages – but for those Contour Queens with slightly more mature skin, our creamy moisturising formula is the perfect weapon to get that youthful dewy skin look! Whereas powder formulations dry out the skin, emphasising wrinkles and fine lines by settling into the creases, our contour kit is able to uplift the appearance of fine lines. This promotes a look of elasticity, as well as uplifting your bone structure!

Our Contour Kit has enough shades to enable you to easily blend the perfect colour match for what you need. The upper line of shades in our Contour Kit have a pink hue – great news for more mature skin! Pink hues invoke a youthful appearance, promoting radiance and injecting a subtle glow to your skin.

Follow our fail safe tips to banish fine lines and get your glow back with our Contouring Makeup!

 The guidelines for applying contouring make up to more mature skin are roughly similar to application on youthful skin – just with a few key tweaks... It’s all in the highlighter!

The usual contouring make up advice is to highlight the centre of your nasal bone, together with your forehead, and cheekbones. This still stands when contouring for a younger look, but additionally we recommend applying highlighter from our contour kit to the sides of your nose, following the corners of your mouth down to the chin. This really plumps any laughter lines you may have, as well as sculpting the face beautifully.

The next addition you can make with our Contour Kit, is to apply highlighter of your forehead a little lower, right between the eyebrows. This trick counteracts any frown lines, reflecting light instead of being shadowed. A top tip is to apply our Contour Kit highlighter to the inner corners of your eye, which enlarges the appearance of the eyes, making your face seem younger overall. Applying highlighter under your nose is always great for the contouring game – but even more essential as skin ages. To give the appearance of fuller lips, you can apply more highlighter to the upper lip, and blend well.

To further accentuate the youthful glow provided by our contour make up, our top tip is to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, which will accentuate fullness and radiance! A sculpted, radiant face can be yours, no matter what your age or skin type, by following our simple steps. Grab your own Contour Kit now to achieve flawless, airbrushed results. Kim K will be tweeting you for tips in no time!

Highlight Your Way to Younger Looking Skin


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