3 Bronzing hacks, perfect for any Rock Godess this summer!

A good bronzer is a girls best friend especially in the summer time, as it can really make your makeup and tan pop to the next level creating an ultimate summer Godness glow.

The Contour Cosmetics Rocks are are no exception to this, as one swipe of these bronzing rocks can product a perfect natural looking sun kissed glow. These versitile bronzing Rocks blend so easily to an even finish and produce perfectly chiseled cheekbones.

Here are a few ways you can use this glamourous product...

1.) After your contour/ create chiseled cheekbones - Using the 07 Fluffy makeup brush you can add the finishing touches to your contour makeup by sweeping the Rocks across the tops of your cheeks and jawline.  You can also create a shimmering Rocks Godess look by mixing this bronzer with your contour makeup.

2.) This product also looks amazing over a nude lipstick to create a golden sunkissed glow perfect for the beach or festival season.

3.) Make legs look longer and toned.
Apply this bronzing Rocks to the contours of your legs, down your shins and around your calf muscles. Doing this will make your legs look smooth, longer and toned in an instant.

Contour Rocks are a perfect edition to your summer makeup bag, as they produce show stopping glamourous beachy look!


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