Contour Makeup Tips: How to Create a Narrow Nose

It’s clear to everyone how simple and effective our Contour Makeup is at achieving those killer cheekbones every girl longs for. Our twitter account is filled with gorgeous ContourCelfies from our Contour Queens who have chiselled their cheekbones to fierce perfection – but our Contour Makeup is multi-use, and the sky is the limit for our Contour Kit!

Have you always wanted a perfectly shaped, straight, dainty nose, but there’s an annoying little bump in the way? Or perhaps your nasal bridge is a little wider than you would prefer it to look in photos? Our Contour Kit is here to be your salvation!


Airbrushed perfection is yours, using our Contour Kit


It’s all in the blending! To slim down your nasal bridge, simply trace a thin line of our Contour Kit highlighter down the centre of your nose, from between your brows to the tip. Repeat this process with parallel lines, on your cheeks down to the corners of your mouth. On the sides of your nose, use a darker shade from our Contour Kit, to give the illusion of shadow, and hence a slimmer nose. These should begin at the brow bone and go all the way to the end of the nose. You will notice the effect of our fabulous Contour Kit immediately, and in photos your nose will appear daintier and slimmer!

If you have a bump or a ridge in your nose, the same techniques apply. In the area where there is a dip, you should apply highlighter from the Contour Makeup, and in the area where the bump rises up, you should apply a darker shadowing shade, to give your nose more of a straight and smooth look.

Our beautifully formulated Contour Kit is so versatile, and mixing up the various shades to try new and different effects is half the fun! See what works for you, and experiment with our Contour Makeup to transform your face! If you find some amazing tips that work for you, why not share them with your fellow Contour Queens and tweet them at us!

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