Monday morning dark circles? Cheat radiant, well rested skin with the Contour Kit everyone is talking about!

With our sleek and specially formulated Contour Kit, it’s never been easier to get the gorgeous cheekbones you’ve always wanted. That’s why we are the go to Contour Kit on everyone’s lips, including the glamorous TOWIE girls, and stars of MTV! What you might not know about our Contouring Make-up is that it can be your secret weapon in beating back spots and dark circles!

It’s all in our specially designed cream formula... Our unique Contour Kit means you can blend, blend, blend to your heart’s content to banish imperfections, and to give you an airbrushed look to make Photoshop pros double-take! With our range of both pink and yellow toned hues in our Contouring Make-up, you have the perfect weapon not only to chisel your cheekbones, but also to eliminate spots and discolouration.


Our Contouring Make-up lets you airbrush your blemishes


We’ve all been there - a little too much time partying over the weekend can leave you with a Monday morning full of under eye shadows and lacklustre sad looking skin. Our Contour Kit has the perfect blend of colours to counteract these purple under-eye shadows. Choose the warmer, yellow toned shades of our Contouring Make-up to seamlessly blend the perfect light-reflecting pigment under your eyes, leaving your skin glowing and plumped.

Feeling pasty and sleep-deprived? Select the pink-hued highlighter from our Contour Kit, and apply to your cheekbones and forehead, to rejuvenate the look of your skin and cheat the look of well-rested skin. Our Contouring Make-up never fails you, which is why that little white palette is the new best friend girls can’t stop talking about!

What’s even better, due to our beautiful, blendable cream formula, our Contouring Make-up won’t get caught in any tired lines like a powder-based Contour Kit. Contouring is all in the detail, darling!

A fiercely sculpted, glowing complexion can be yours, even when you’re too busy to sleep. Simply follow our steps to flawless success. Grab your own Contour Kit now and get that flawless, airbrushed look, and join the Contour clique!

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