Get the best from your Contour Kit with these crucial brush tips from Contour Cosmetics

There is nothing quite like playing with your Contour Kit for the first time – plump, fresh brushes to load up with Contour makeup and create a masterpiece! After a couple of uses though, it is time to clean those brushes!

We know what it’s like – the fun of beauty and Contouring make-up is in transforming and chiselling your face, not in washing brushes, but it’s a vital part of your skincare routine. After all, what’s the point in having the fiercest contouring game if you’re going to make yourself break out?  Our gorgeous cream formulation Contour Makeup is an easy step to flawless skin – but it’s even easier if you have a strict brush cleaning routine, that leaves your skin fresh and fabulous as a contour canvas! That is why our top brush tip is to make sure your brushes are as flawless as your contour!

Your Contour Makeup is an investment in your skin, and can transform your features!

Clean your contour kit brushes regularly. Spot cleaning them after each use is a good idea – to reduce the build-up of any contour makeup, but as soon as you notice your brushes are clogged, it’s time to show them a little love. The best way to go about it, instead of soaking your contour kit brushes in a bowl of water, is to run them under the tap – soaking them can cause more harm than good! Baby shampoo, or a mild soap is a good way to gently cleanse old makeup from your brushes.

Once you are working with squeaky clean, tip top brushes, the trick is not to overload them with contour makeup. The more product scoop up with your brush, the more will be absorbed by the brush, and if it’s in the roots of your brush, it isn’t contouring your face.

Our Contour Kit gives amazing coverage, but the secret to that killer contour is to layer up slowly! You can always add more of our incredible, blendable contour makeup if you need more coverage or sharper definition.

Lastly, if we haven’t mentioned it before, the golden rule for the ContourCelfie is to blend, blend, blend! To get a softer look, move the blending brush in small circles to give a subtler finish. Show off your brush skills, and tweet us your flawless ContourCelfie! Join the Contour clique with the little white palette that no one can get enough of!
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