Pro tips: Contouring for your face shape

When we first set out to create our gorgeous contour set, we begin with the belief that our contouring palette should make it easy for anyone to pick up a brush, and chisel their bone structure to perfection. We are so delighted that so many of you Contour Queens are finding the path to perfect cheekbones with our contouring palette, with the help of our handy little instructions... but sometimes it’s good to get the personal treatment!

We have developed some handy pointers on how to tweak your contouring to suit your face shape. If you have any suggestions from your own contouring experiments, tweet us and let us know – we love to talk contouring tips!


Our Contouring Makeup is the secret to emphasising your best features


Follow our tips to use our contouring makeup to give you a personally tailored contour:-

Oblong – A perfect example of a gorgeous lady with an oblong face is the beautiful Gisele. If you have a longer face shape like this, be careful not to use too much contouring makeup on the sides of your face. Instead focus your application of our creamy contouring makeup right underneath your cheekbones and the apples of your cheeks, to broaden out your cheekbone area, and give the impression of more breadth across your face.

Heart-shaped – Selena Gomez is a girl with a heart-shaped face, and if this is you, you need to focus the majority of your contouring makeup on the widest part of your face, and make a special effort to highlight your chin.

Round – Having a round face doesn’t mean a perfect circle – think Kirsten Dunst’s face shape; rounded, rather than round. To get the perfect contouring for ladies with a round face, apply your darker contouring makeup to the sides of the nose, and long, sweeping contouring makeup from under the apples of the cheeks to the jawline. Shadowing the sides of your face this way will dramatically alter the shape of your face, and focus more attention on your cheekbones.

Pear-shaped – A great example of a perfect pear-shaped face is Kelly Osbourne. Kelly’s face is widest at the jaw, and if this is your face shape, focus your darker contouring makeup on the sides of your face, from the ears down, with plenty of highlighter above the brow bone and chin! This will balance out your features with contouring, while still showing off that gorgeous smile!

Diamond-shaped – Not sure if you have a diamond-shaped face? This is characterised by the cheekbones being the widest part of your face. Anna Kendrick is a beautiful lady with a diamond-shaped face. To get the most effective contouring if this is your face shape, concentrate most of your darker contouring makeup from the temples to the jaw, and again in small amounts at the top of your forehead, and the bottom of your chin. Contouring is all about accentuating and balancing out the features of your face, so build up slowly!

Square – The key to balancing out a square face, like the lovely Olivia Wilde has, is to slim down the sides of your face with a strong contour from temple to jaw, and this is important, to apply liberal pale contouring makeup in a downward pointing triangle on your chin. This lengthens out your face, softening your features. Additionally, sculpt under the cheekbones with the darker shades of our contouring makeup to lift the cheeks.

The most important thing with our gorgeous contour kit is to have fun and experiment with your look! There are so many shades in our secret weapon cream formulation that you have lots of freedom to create different looks – why not share your favourite Contour looks with us. Get your hands on the little white palette and crown yourself a Contour Queen!

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