Contouring for big beautiful Bambi eyes

Everyone wishes they had wider, bigger, and more beautiful eyes, right? Well, not only is our contour makeup perfect for sculpting your face and making the most of your cheekbones, but it can also be used to make your peepers appear much larger than they are! Our cream based contour makeup is also perfectly designed as a base for eye shadow to stop it melting away – what more could you ask for in a contour kit? Contouring is no longer just to sculpt your face, contouring can perfect all your features!


Anything is possible with our gorgeous contour makeup!


The first step to getting larger and more lustrous eyes, is to mark the sides of the eyelid with a mid to dark shade of our contour makeup. Contouring is all about light and dark, so don’t be afraid to create shadows when you need to! Your contouring should span from the outer end of the top lash line, up to the eyebrow. This is going to lift and define the eye from the eye socket.

Next up, we want to create a greater impression of depth with the contour makeup. Apply the same shade as before to the inner corner of your eye socket, then follow the line of your socket above the eyelid, to join with the previously defined outer edge. This contouring will hollow out your eye socket, making your eyelid appear larger and more prominent. Be aware not to apply the contouring to your eyelid, or as high as your brow bone – these areas are place you want to apply highlighting contour makeup.

Apply the same mid to dark shade of contour makeup along the bottom lash line. To elongate the eyes, extend this line slightly further than the natural eye shape.

Next, highlight the brow bone using either the yellow or pink toned highlighter of our contour makeup, and choose the pink toned highlighter to the eyelid area. Make sure to blend your contouring well – the black eye is not this season’s look!

To widen your eyes further with the magic of contouring, dot a small area of highlighter to your inner eye, just inside the corners to reflect the white of your eye, making it seem larger.

You can leave your contouring at this stage for a more natural look, or you can add layers of eye shadow and liner for a more glamourous evening finish! If you’re trying out this look, tweet the results at us, and let us know what your favourite contouring tips are! We’re all ears (and eyes)!

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