The 10 commandments of contouring – golden rules for facial flawlessness

We love sharing our tips and secrets on getting the best out of contouring, and we thought it was time to crown our beloved contour clique with the commandments to achieve foolproof and gorgeous contouring!


Perfect your technique with our sensational Contour Kit and our top tips


1 A strict skincare routine – Our contour kit is a little magic wand (or a little airbrushing tool!) but the best way to achieve a flawless look is to have fewer flaws to begin with! Having skin in great condition is super good for you, so try and keep on top of a daily routine that keeps your skin glowing, and looking and feeling great! Make sure you take your contouring makeup off properly every night, so that you’re refreshed for the next morning!

2 The best brushes – Getting your hands on the best brushes you can afford goes a long way to achieving perfect contouring. The brushes you can buy with our Contour Kit are cruelty-free, and because they aren’t made with animal hair, all of the soft, plush hairs are uniform in shape and size, meaning that they don’t become as clogged with product as other brushes on the market. A contouring queen is nothing without the right tools in hand!

3 Clean brushes – We’re banging on about the importance of a clean canvass to work with our contour kit, but it is really important to work with great tools! If you don’t clean your brushes they can gather bacteria which can cause breakouts – not so flawless! Take good care of your contour kit brushes, and they will reward you with beautifully applied precision contouring!

4 Layer – We can’t get enough of our little white palette – it’s a dream contour kit – but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing! Start slow, with a small amount of product, and layer up until you have achieved the look you want. It’s easier to add more contouring rather than to remove some halfway through!

5 Natural light is your best friend – this one is a biggy! Have you ever heard that you should apply your makeup in the light that you’ll be spending time in? It’s so true! There’s nothing worse than perfecting your contour in artificial light, then stepping outside and realising that you’ve gone way overboard! Amber alert! If possible, get your contour kit on in daylight when you’re going to be spending lots of time in natural light, you’ll thank us later!

6 Keep to your natural bone structure – Of course our contouring guidelines and how to’s are there to be used, but it is also important to balance that with your own face shape. After all, you want to make the best of your face, rather than looking like a completely different person! If your cheekbones are high up on your face, work with this when contouring! That is the beauty of our contour kit – you can make your own look!

7 Blend – To be honest, this could be rule 1-10 it’s so important! Whether you’re going for subtle contouring, or you’re going all out chiselled, blending is vital so that it doesn’t look like your baby cousin drew on your face in crayon. Blend, blend, and blend some more! Taking selfies can sometimes be more useful than looking in the mirror on this one!

8 Don’t stop at your face! – We’ve covered different ways you can use our contour kit to emphasise your cheekbones and eyes – but you needn’t stop there! If you want to slim down a bit of a double chin, or emphasise your collarbone, whip out that contour kit and create some shadow!

9 Experiment – We love sharing our favourite tips and techniques to get the best contouring, but part of the fun is in experimenting to find your own favourite looks! Sit down with a mirror and some trashy tv and play with your contour kit- it’s meant to be fun after all!

10 Share your #Contourcelfie– What’s the fun in looking flawless unless the whole world can see it? Send us your selfies so we can see how gorgeous our Contour Clique looks!



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