Quick hacks with our contour kit for the morning rush!

We know how it goes: It’s way too early to get up, you keep hitting snooze, and you can’t function without your first sip of coffee – but that is no reason that your morning beauty routine needs to suffer! You no longer have to choose between sleep and beauty. With some practical but life-changing hacks, (and our contour kit!) you can have both.

One trick we love to get a fiercely defined contour with our contouring make up, is to have a large spoon handy, and putting the concave side flat to your cheekbone, apply your contour kit shadow along the line of the spoon – the curved edge gives you a dramatic contoured look, and is easy to replicate on both sides of your face very quickly! Of course the secret as with all contouring make up is to blend, blend, blend, and then go, go, go! This also works really well with a tiny bit of sticky tape, to get a flawless line that’s quick to blend and gives you instant cheekbones!

Contouring gives you a lift when you’re running low on sleep.

 Utilising our contour kit also slims your face and cuts down on that puffy look that can balloon when you’re running low on sleep or energy!

The ultimate contouring trick for under eyes is to grab your favourite red lippy, and apply in small dots under your eye – when you blend over the top with the highlighter from our contouring kit, the pink and orange tones in the lipstick balance out the purple of dark circles and bags, miraculously adding a few more hours sleep to your skin and eyes! Contouring make-up isn’t just for your cheekbones!

Save your final touches — like mascara, cheek tint, and lipstick — for your commute. It might annoy others, but applying the less-involved products on the tube or bus will shave minutes off your routine at home, giving you precious beauty sleep!

A fiercely sculpted, glowing complexion can be yours, even when you’re too busy to sleep - grab your own little white palette now and get that flawless, airbrushed look, and join the Contour clique!


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