All hail the latest super tool for our contour kit – the Pro blender!

It’s time to welcome the newest member of the Contour family, everyone! Not happy with providing our Contour Queens with the best brushes around, we couldn’t resist developing our very own blending sponge to our lineup of A-list products!

It’s the perfect contouring match – our unique cream formula Contour Kit, as well as the latest in beauty technology, our Pro Blender. No other contour kit or contouring tools have an effect like these two mighty products. Go ahead and uninstall Facetune – when you blend out your contouring with our Pro Blender, you create a flawless, airbrushed finish like nothing else.

Blending for Contouring has never been easier!

We’ve done some serious research on what makes the best beauty sponge (it’s a hard life, but someone’s got to do it!) and the design of our Pro Blender reflects all the best qualities of a beauty sponge. We’re so proud to be able to bring it to our Contour Queens – we know you’re going to love the effect it gives when used with our contour kit!

If you haven’t used a beauty sponge before, just follow our contouring advice for dewy, fresh-faced chic! The trick is to wet the sponge until it’s completely saturated with water, and then squeeze out the excess to use with your contour kit. One of the hottest makeup artist tricks is to ‘stipple’ rather than to rub the sponge over your face. Stippling is a dabbing motion, which creates a more natural look than dragging the contouring makeup over your skin.

Using our Pro Blender gives your contour a natural flush of colour. It even means you get more coverage with less contouring makeup, and the pointed tip allows you to get into every nook and cranny—under eyes, around the nose, along the lips. We have basically turned a sponge into a magic wand!

Say hello to an even blend of contouring makeup that is so flawless, you can’t tell it isn’t your own perfect skin! We’re dying to know whether the Pro Blender has revolutionised your contouring routine like it has ours! Tweet us and Instagram us with your flawless results – the little white palette has a new must-have accessory!



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