Whose contouring game is on fleek? Our team’s contour crushes!

Style crushes come and go, but makeup is more personal than that. Instagram is filled with contouring inspiration, but only the fiercest ladies make it on to our contouring It List.

The first pick is an easy guess – the flawlessly sculpted Kim Kardashian. The contouring queen who has shone the light on everybody’s favourite cheekbones trick, Kim K is still the reigning goddess of contouring makeup – her Instagram is insanely addictive, and provides some insight into how she gets her look.

Queen B. - She isn’t a queen for nothing. Beyonce’s skin seems to glow like she has swallowed a light bulb, and is a masterclass in how to accentuate natural beauty with the clever use of a little contouring make up!

Victoria Beckham – Remember how Posh Spice used to look in her Girl Power days? No, us neither, but now you can’t flip through coverage of Fashion Week without seeing Victoria’s chiseled visage (complete, of course, with chic shades). Bone structure is one thing, but Mrs Beckham is one step away from Maleficent – and we mean that as a high compliment! Her stunning skin is also a testament that you don’t have to turn orange to get a beautifully defined contour!

Kylie Jenner – The youngest but my no means least of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie’s star is truly in ascendance! We struggle to believe that this is the girl we’ve seen grow up on our tv screens – contouring has transformed her whole look! Kylie’s huge eyes and angular face are something beauty gurus everywhere dream of recreating, but we know that all you need is a little white palette!

You might not have your own makeup artist, but with our Contour Kit in your clutch, you can get their flawless look!

You don’t need to be a Youtube beauty guru with hundreds of thousands of followers to give the Kardashians a run for their contoured money, you just have to follow the rules (and pick up our Contour Kit!) Don’t believe the difference our Contour Kit can make? Check out our Instagram – it’s filled with #ContourCelfies from our sculpted and radiant contour customers!

It’s the contouring palette you have to get your hands on – our cream-based formula gives the best courage, and makes blending seamless, so you don’t end up with a red carpet fail! Even if you’re intimidated by contouring, or you’re new to the game, our palette makes it easy to achieve that airbrushed hollow-cheeked style, effortlessly! Share your results with us so we can share with the world the secret to perfectly blended beauty!

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