Guess who’s back?! All hail the return of everyone’s favourite Contour Kit!

We’ve been beside ourselves while our little white palette was out of stock – what’s a girl to do without the best contouring make-up out there? It’s no fun making the most effective and best-loved contour kit if you can’t let the whole world chisel their faces to cheekboned-perfection with it!


All of our Contour Queens have been so patient about receiving their pre-orders, which is just one of the reasons we love you all so much! The pre-orders will be shipping tomorrow, so make way for the new wave of contour palettes making their way to new homes! Watch out, Mr Postman, you’re gonna have your hands full!

Our contouring make-up is back in stock, and ready for its #contourcelfie close up!

Give those contour brushes a good clean – it’s time to prepare for the return of the little white palette! We can’t wait to see all the new #contourcelfies from the latest converts to the Contour Cause!

If you’ve been waiting for our gorgeous cream Contour Kit to be back in stock before placing your order – then your wait is over! Head over to our site, and get that contouring make-up in your shopping cart. Grab life by the cheekbones, and get ready for your #contourcelfie!


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