Contouring away the January blues – our winter sale is ongoing!

The tree is down, everyone is back to work – and the coldest weather isn’t even here yet! Never fear, the Christmas joy is still around at Contour HQ, and our winter sale is STILL on! So even though Christmas is over – you can still get 30% off some of our most popular contouring products!

If Santa didn’t bring you a Contour Makeup Bag in your stocking – no need for tears (you’ll ruin your makeup!) you can grab these beauties for 30% less! What with that new gym routine you’ve started, and with your New Year’s Resolution to be more organised in 2016, it’s the perfect accessory for January. After all, if your makeup is organised, then so is your life, right?

And what could be more perfect to put in your new makeup bag than some brand new Contouring brushes and a sponge? You’ve been out gift buying for your squad, you deserve a little treat for all your generosity! And when you have 30% off – who can say no to a little more Contour in their life?

Our Contour Palette is part of the Winter Sale!

It’s not all accessories that you can grab a killer deal on! We love to spoil our Contour Clique, which is why the Original Contour Palette is also part of the Winter contouring extravaganza! Banish that January mood, and keep the festive spirit going with your glowing contoured look!

If you thought 2015 was the Year of Contour – you ain’t seen nothing yet! We’re spreading Contour Cheer far and wide, and we want you along for the ride!



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