Pale and interesting: how to use our Cream Contour Palette if you’re a fair-skinned beauty

At Contour, we love ALL our Contour Queens- and we’ve worked hard to bring you a gorgeous array of cream contour no matter what shade your skin is. We’re all partial to a bit of fake tan, and if your skin is on the warmer side, it’s quite straightforward to find products to suit your skin tone – after all, the golden glow is still super popular with everyone from the Kardashians to Corrie stars!

But what to do if you’re a pale beauty? You want that chiselled, defined look, but you don’t want to end up with orange streaks all over your face! Well just for you, here are some of our tips on how to achieve that perfect sculpted look with our cream Contouring makeup!

Contouring Makeup isn’t just for the bronzed beauties!

First off, if you haven’t got your mitts on Contour 2 – then where have you been? We created all our Contour sets equally, but if you have perfect porcelain skin, Contour 2 is about to be your best friend – and not the kind who screenshots your embarrassing Snapchats to show the world!

Contour 2 was designed to add a greater spectrum of colour to the Contouring family. The cool hue of the Contour 2 palette means you can create shadow without adding too much of a warm tone to your contour. Highlight, illuminate and enhance your look!

The basics for applying your cream contour kit are the same, but with some adjustments for pale skin. Just because it’s called ‘Contouring’, it’s important to realise that half the job is actually in the highlighting. When you have pale skin, this is even more important to remember! You want a ratio of 3:1, for every stroke of shadow Contour makeup you apply, you need to apply approximately three strokes of highlighting Contour makeup, to ensure that you can blend it out to look flawless, but not fake.

By following this golden rule, no matter how milky white your complexion, you can get an airbrushed finish with our cream Contour palette! Remember to add our cruelty free Sculpting and Blending brushes to your order for the most flawless finish to your contour. We have designed them specifically to work with our luxurious cream-blend formulation, so there’s no better way to apply our contouring makeup. For tips and inspiration why not check out our social? There’s plenty to see – we breathe, eat and dream Contour!

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