How to make sure your contouring brushes last forever!

Well, maybe not forever – but a long time! Our cream contour palette is the dream contouring makeup to easily perfect your look, but what is the best makeup kit without the best brushes?

We know how much you love your Contour Kits, and so we want to fill you in on all the deets of how best to care for your beloved brushes!

Carefully select how you want to cleanse your contour brushes. Now, you can use whatever product you prefer, but the emphasis here should be on gentle cleaning. Baby shampoo is a good choice, but just your regular shampoo would be fine too.

The key with cleaning your contouring brushes is to be gentle and loving – you should take care of your brushes the way you look after your tresses!

A great technique is to pour a tiny amount of product into the palm of your hand, and dab your brush into the soap. Using a pinching motion with your fingers, gently massage the bristles from the base to the ends of the brush.

Top tip! Hold your brush with the bristles pointing down toward the sink during the time that you wash the brushes. The water and the soap have potential to loosen the glue binding the soft bristles to the handle, and pointing the brush down in this way minimises this effect.

The perfect contour requires the perfect maintenance

Strange as it may seem, most important step isn’t actually the washing part. Much like when you get your mani done, it’s all about the drying process!

After carefully washing, lightly reshape the brush bristles with your fingers, ensuring that they lie smooth and straight.

Lie your contouring brushes on to a paper towel, and allow to air-dry completely before putting them away. The hair dryer is a definite no during this process!! Make sure they are completely dry before putting them away – you need your contour tools to be in pristine condition to get that dream contour!

The more you love and cherish your contouring tools, the longer they will repay you with loyal service and an airbrushed contour finish! Don’t forget – we now sell our very own chic makeup bags to keep your contour tools in – check out the full range through the site!

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