Whether your nose is a nightmare, or it’s your favourite feature, find out how to get contoured perfection with our cream palette!

Great contouring requires great skill, but with our Contour Cosmetics hints and tips – you’re about to put the Queen in Contour Queen!

When it comes to contouring, it’s all about the balance of light and shade. Essentially you want to balance out the lines of your face, and in some cases, restructure them to emphasise the features you prefer!

Using our Cream Contour Palette to restructure your nose is no different than any other contour creation. Where you want to make the most of a feature, apply the highlighter from the Contour Palette, and in places where you want to minimise, contour some shadows! Check out your nose shape from our graphic, and contour your nose to chiselled perfection!

Contour and highlight your features to perfection!


With the bulbous nose type, the end of the nose is wider than the bridge of the nose, so to balance this out, apply highlighter from your Contour kit to the bridge of the nose, and with the darker Contouring shade, apply to the sides of your nostrils to slim them down and give them some proportion. By adding more shadow between your nostrils and the bridge of your nose, you can create more definition, which gives the effect of a less wide nose.

Small and short (button nose)

With a short bridge, and a heart-shaped tip, a small nose is super cute, but if you want a fierce, chiselled look, you can lengthen it with contouring! With a little highlighter on the tip of your nose, and on the inside of the eyes, together with long sweeping motions of Contouring shadow to the sides of the nose, your button nose will appear longer and more elegant.

Long and Narrow

For many people, a long and narrow nose is the ultimate look, but it’s always nice to be able to play with your face shape, and contouring is the perfect weapon! With a long and narrow nose, the key to Contouring is to add in a darker contour tone to the bottom of the tip of the nose. This helps to create the illusion of a shorter and less lengthened nose.

Turned Up

When your nose is turned up, the tip attracts a lot of light, so to balance this, you need to apply a shadow shade to the end of your nose, to lessen the effect of the turned up point. By adding a little highlighter to the dip of the nose, this will flatten out the end of the nose, creating a smoother more even profile.


An aquiline nose is the one you will most likely recognise. It is the one with ‘that bump’ in the middle of the bridge of the nose. To contour this sort of nose, place a highlighter in the dip above and below the bump, and shade the sides and top of the bump with a darker contouring shade.


If your nose is asymmetrical, meaning that it is shaped differently on one side to another, you have to get a little bit clever about your contour game. Wherever the nose protrudes out, shade it in with a contouring shadow, and wherever you would prefer the nose to look larger or wider, add in some highlighter! Simple! With this golden ratio you should be able to easily balance out any bumps in your nose.

Contouring tips to transform your profile!

Whichever shape nose you have, there is a contouring solution for you! You may find that your nose falls between a couple of different nose shapes, but simply remember the contouring rules, and apply highlighter to the parts you want to emphasise, and shadow to the parts you’d rather hide, and you can’t go wrong.

Share your contour transformations with us! And if you have any problem areas that Contour has helped you to hone into shape, then let us know your secret tips! Share your #ContourCelfie with us and you could win an exclusive Contour Cosmetics Makeup Bag and the Pro Blender – a lucky Contour Queen is chosen every month, so head to social and join the Contour Clique!


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