Be your own makeup artist with our pro tips for contouring for your face shape!

Our perfectly formulated cream contour set has been designed to work with all skin types, skin tones and face shapes. The Contour palette makes it simple to emphasise the best features of your face, and whether you have Contour Original or Contour 2, with our straightforward instructions, anyone can pick up a brush, and chisel their bone structure to perfection. Get a professional look with this dream Contour palette!

Contouring may be an art, but there’s some science involved too! As contouring is all about the angles of your face, and maximising the areas of light and shade to shape your bone structure, it’s important to be working with the right information. If you aren’t sure, a great tip is to take a lip liner, and sketch out the lines of your reflection on to a mirror. Seeing the lines of your face simplified can help you to see more clearly what face shape most accurately corresponds to your own! Once you know what you’re working with – you can start working on that perfect contour!

Our Cream Contouring palette is the secret to emphasising your favourite features!

Check out our expert tips to use our contouring makeup to give you that makeup artist finish, no matter what your face shape! Remember, it’s important to find what works for you, so you may end up tweaking our tips. It’s all about experimentation!  

Heart-shaped – If you are working with a heart shaped face, it's important to focus the majority of your shaded contouring on the wide part of your face. Remember to highlight your chin to balance out the shape. Heart-shaped faces sound cute – and they are! However, it can be harder to get that fierce, striking look with a heart - unless you have our cream contour palette that is!

Oblong – If you have a longer type of face shape like this, you need to avoid using a darker contouring makeup on the sides of your face, as this can elongate your face further. Instead focus your application of our creamy contouring makeup right underneath your cheekbones and the apples of your cheeks. This will have the effect of broadening out your cheekbone area, and give the impression of a wider, more balanced face.

Square – The skinny on balancing out a square face, lies in slimming down the sides of your face with a strong contour from temple to jaw. Remember this is all about balance, so you want to apply a highlighter contouring shade in a downward pointing triangle on your chin. This lengthens out your face, and will soften your features. Additionally, sculpt under the cheekbones with the darker shades of our contouring makeup to lift the cheeks, giving more shape and definition.

Round – Plenty of people tend toward a rounder face. The top tips to get the perfect contouring with a round face, is to apply darker contouring makeup to the sides of the nose, and in long sweeping arcs from under the apples of the cheeks to the jawline. Shadowing the sides of your face this way will dramatically alter the shape of your face, and focus more attention on your cheekbones, pulling in the shadows from your cheekbones.

Diamond-shaped – If the widest part of your face is your cheekbones, then you're rocking a diamond-shaped face. To get the most effective contouring if this is your face shape, concentrate most of your darker contouring makeup from the temples to the jaw, and again in small amounts at the top of your forehead, and the bottom of your chin. Contouring is all about accentuating and balancing out the features of your face, so build up slowly, and remember to highlight the centre of your face, focusing on the forehead, nose and chin, as well as along the cheekbopes.

The most important thing with our gorgeous contour palette is to have fun and experiment with your look! With Contour Original and now Contour 2, there are so many shades to our cream formulation that you have the freedom to create whatever look you choose! The little white palette is your secret weapon to the bone structure you always wanted.

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