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Here at Contour Cosmetics we are receiveing lots of questions since Antonella The Uncensored Reviewier posted her hilarious review which you can see here:

Hopefully this blog will answer some of the questions that our customer serivce team are hearing a lot of recently...

1.) Which contour kit is best for me?
As we have two kits to choose from it can be a little confussing working out which contour kit will suit your skin tones best. Contour origional is best for warm, tanned and ovile skintones. If you wear fake than then this is the contour palette for you.

Contour 2 consists of darker contouring shaes but caters for people with pale and fair skin tones. As this contour makeup is so creamy and pigmented a little really does go a long way. Always remember when blending out your contour makeup to use a WET blending sponge. The Contour Cosmetics Pro Blender is perfect for this as it blends makeup evenly to a perfect finish.

2.) Which areas do I highlight & which do I contour?
Now you have your contour kit you might be thinking "now what the hell do I do??" Well worry not these tips will have you looking amazing, and not like Coco the clown. First to highlight. This of you face like different triangles Add a triangle of concealer under each eye, the bottom middle of your forehead and chin. After this step add your contour makeup across the temples, top of the forehead and adcross your cheekbones. This can be a soft short line or a long angled line, depending on how fierce you want your look to be. This using your Pro blender or 14 Blending brush, blend out this makeup to a perfect even finish.

3.) Skin type.
If you suffer from break outs or think that the oilyness of your skin wont compliment this makeup, we have got you covered! When preping your face before your makeup use an oil free moisturiser. After this apply your primer. Our primer 'The Base' is a matte primer so works wonders for people with oily skin. To set your makeup try our makeup setting spray 'All Day Spray'. This will keep your makeup fixed all day long.

The Prep and Set bundle can save you 20% off your order when buying individually

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