Contour Made Easy- A Step by Step Guide

Want to learn how to enhance your facial features?

Easy with our cream contour kit! The Original Palette is the answer with its 6 sunny, warmer tones.

Think of your face in triangles- some are light and some are shade. 

Determine whether you are a fair, medium or dark skintone. Choose your shade based on this.



To Highlight:

Use the lighter 3 shades from our cream contour kit to highlight: 

Take our 01 Sculpting Brush


1. Draw a triangle upwards from the bridge of the nose to the centre of your forehead.

2. Draw a triangle under each eye, as light as possible to cover any dark circles.

3. Draw a small triangle in your cupids bow to create a plump lipline.

4.  Highlight the chin by drawing a triangle from the centre of your lower lip to the centre of your chin.

5. Finish with a line down the centre of your nose.


To Contour:

The areas that are left in the cream contour kit are the areas in the shade- now you need to chisel your face and give the illusion of slimmer features.

Use the darker 3 shades (the right triangle in the palette) to achieve this:


5. Draw a straight line along each temple.

6. Draw 2 lines down each side of the nose.

7. Draw 2 lines under each cheek bone. 

8. Finally draw 2 lines across each side of your jaw.




Using our Beauty Blender seamlessly blend these areas to achieve the perfect, flawless contour. Shop our Original Large Palette for £42.00 or our smaller cream contour kit Contour Compact for £28.00.

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