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As our business is growing we are ecstatic to announce that even more retailers will soon be stocking your favourite Contour Cosmetics products. The beauty store Sally's and the loved online fashion retailer Missguided are just a couple featured on this ever growing list.

Some of our favourite products that will soon be featured in these stores is our Multi Use Contouring Set. Not only does this contour kit consist of 6 highly pigmented shades but as the texture of this contour kit is so creamy, only a small amount of product is needed to achieve a flawless look!

Another of our current favourites has to be our Prism Rainbow Highlighter. Not only is this highlighter totally on trend for the summer & festival season but is a perfect match for any unicorn and mermaid costume this Halloween.

The Prism Rainbow Highlighter consists of 5 insanely pigmented shades that can be worn individually or altogether for the ultimate rainbow glow. We can't wait for this list of retailers to grow and for us to achieve even more in the near future!

Check out our Prism Highlighter ideas here and remember to # your Halloween looks #contourcelfie for a change to be featured on our Insta.

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