Contouring for Halloween

So it is coming up to that time of the year again, grab your scary mask and witch hats, its Halloween. Whose makeup look are you lusting for Halloween?

I’m sorry, but Maleficent has to win on the Halloween contouring. Look at those incredible cheekbones, not forgetting that perfect blood red lip colour or those perfectly arched brows framing her face. You could steal that maleficent stunning contouring and create a modern day version for a Halloween party, because as you already know, contour can work wonders.

For this particularly striking look, our Contour Compact 2 would be perfect. With its greyer undertones, you will be able to achieve the very pale base with much darker contouring on the cheekbones.

 Here are a few tips to get your Maleficent look:

Sculpt your cheekbones

You can use our amazing Sculpting Brush. With this makeup tool, you will be able to apply with precision and definition which is totally essential to get right in this look! Our Sculpting brush allows you to easily create precise lines, whilst giving you the bone structure that even Maleficent would be proud to have.

Smokey Eyes

Maleficent’s eye makeup can make or break the whole look. You just need the right amount. Try to not go overboard. Be careful where you apply the darker colours of your smoky eye and keep it close to the base of the lid as possible, unless you want to go as Taylor Momsen?

Pale Complexion

Our lighter shades in the Contour Compact 2 would give you the dramatic, pale complexion with a flawless finish – get this right and you’ll be prepped with the perfect base for your contouring.


With the right lipstick and lip liner, you can totally pull this off! Stick with a classic red Lipstick and a complimentary lip liner that’s as close to the colour of lipstick you choose as possible. 

With our expert tips, we have the confidence that you will be able to recreate the sinister look of Disney’s most iconic villain. Grab your Contour Compact 2 now for the best Halloween contouring!

In other exciting news from us at Contour Cosmetics, go on a little treasure hunt and look for the £100 voucher on our website. The winner will be announced on Thursday 20th October 2016.

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