Contouring with our friends Niko Pro!

We’ve been obsessing over the oval make up brush trend recently. These revolutionary brushes are perfect for blending out our contour make-up to perfection, so naturally we were super excited when our friends over at Niko Pro launched their amazing OVA 10 piece brush set! The densely packed, super soft bristles work amazingly well with our contour make-up, both for application and blending.

The OVA complete brush set comes with 10 different sized brushes to cover you with all your make up needs, we love the biggest size for applying foundation evenly and efficiently.  

Have you tried dot contouring yet? Use our contour make-up alongside the OVA 10 piece brush set to try out this new make up technique.





First, select your contour secret weapon! Are you team Contour Original or team Contour 2? Contour original is great contour make-up for warmer toned skin, whereas Contour 2 is best for cooler tones.


Next step is to select your favourite highlight make up from your chosen contour kit. We’re obsessed with Contour 2’s yellow based highlight shade for brightening the under eye area! Taking the cream highlight on the smallest round OVA brush, dot all over the high points of your face – along your cheekbones, under your eyes, down the centre of your nose, forehead, cupids bow, and any other areas you want to highlight.


The smallest OVA brush is perfect for dot contouring!

Once you have placed your highlight make up, take a clean small OVA brush and grab your favourite contour make up shade. Again, dot the contour make up over your face but this time where you would have natural shadows –under your cheekbones, temples, jawline and the sides of your nose.

TIP! A small amount of contour make up under your bottom lip makes your lips appear fuller!

Time to blend! Buff your highlight and contour make up in using a medium sized OVA brush, or The Pro Blender. OVA brushes are super soft and blend like a dream! Once all your highlight and contour make up is blended, try setting your contour with Contour Rocks and our fluffy 07 angled brush. We love Contour Rocks for adding a gorgeous golden glow and for setting our cream contour make-up.

To celebrate the launch of Niko Pro, we are giving away a Contour Compact and Niko Pro’s complete OVA brush set! Head over to Instagram @contourcosmetics and @niko_pro_tools for more information and your chance to win!

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