Finishing Touches

Off on a big girls’ night out or just fancy spicing up your make up routine? There are different techniques when it comes to contouring to ensure that you have a captivating look that is guaranteed to get you the attention that you deserve!
With your contour game strong, you won’t have to worry about unflattering Facebook snaps as you will stand out for the right reasons in every shot.

Treat contouring like layering an outfit – this doesn’t mean that make up must be heavy nor forced just because you are going on a night out. You can impress by just paying a bit more attention to specific features.

With London Fashion Week starting and contouring still the big craze which has also been named the  ‘Kardashian effect’, it is time to up your game by adding extra touches to your make up to ensure that you are looking 110%.

At Contour Cosmetics, we have gathered a few tips that will work a treat after your contouring:

Add a dash of blusher over your cheeks:

Makeup artists acknowledge blusher as the most underrated beauty product – it actually works magic if applied properly.  Suck in your cheekbones and starting close to ear, trace the hollow, and sweep your blush over your cheekbone.  (Our friends at Niko Pro have perfect oval brushes for the job!). Make sure you soften the edges for a more natural glow. Application is fairly straightforward, so a perfect fix if you are in a rush thinking of that finishing touch!

Line the inner corner of your eyes:

Selecting a white eyeshadow, shimmery or not, use a small brush to pop a small amount right by your tear deduct. Just by highlighting the inner corners of your eyes, it can really transform your look as it accentuates and opens up your eyes.

Highlight just under your bottom lash line:

Use a white highlighter just under you bottom lash line so you can totally fake looking wide awake 24/7. Avoid lining your bottom lash with a black liner as it will make your eyes appear smaller.

Highlight under your brows:

With a highlighter, a pencil or eyeshadow, draw a line underneath your brow from the inner corners to the outer ones and blend it in until there are no harsh lines but not enough to lose the lift. You are a single stroke away achieving wider and brighter eyes!

Add eyeliner to your top lash:

To bring out your eyes even more, apply a thin line ideally with a liquid felt-tip liner to create a dramatic but precise line to your top lash to enhance your eye shape but create the illusion of a fuller lash line.

Line those lips:

Prep your lips with a balm and exfoliate it if necessary. Choose a lip liner shade slightly lighter than your lipstick and starting by outlining your lips with a lip brush but don’t stop there. You have to fill them in too with the liner to hold your lipstick in place. It also enhances your lip shape and makes them appear fuller.  

Combine these finishing touches with your face contouring kit and you’re all set and ready to glow for your night out!


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