Forget flower crowns, these are the real festival necessities!

Yes, I said necessities...

1. Booze smugglers

Sneaking alcohol into a festival from a camp site can sometimes be like mission impossible. However now with these awesome sneaky flasks, you'll never get caught again... Yes those are fake tampon flasks!




2.) This tent!

If you love or hate camping, at least look cool whilst doing it. Also how easy is this going to find on the way back to the camp site!



3.) A super cute bum bag

The only time its acceptable to actually wear one! Don't worry you don't have to wear the outfit too.


4. Contour Rocks

A good bronzer is a girls best friend especially in the summer time, as it can really make your makeup and tan pop to the next level creating an ultimate summer Godness highlight.



5.) Dry shampoo!

6.) Baby wipes

I think everyone has a festival shower block horror story.


7.) The Monarch Butterfly Wing Cape

If you like dancing like no body is watching... with every body watching!

Buy here


8.) Contour Cosmetics Prism highlighter

This highlighter contains 5 shimmering shades that an be worn individually for a natural highlight (depending which colour you use), or combined for the ultimate rainbow glow. This rainbow highlighter is perfect to add some bohemian vibes to your summer wardrobe, or to use for the LGBTQ pride celebrations.

Price - £18




9.) Your weirdest / boldest fashion choices


Everyone has clothing that they're not brave enough to wear. If you can't wear them at a festival, then when can you?

10.) An umbrella

Hate to be the harsh voice of reality but if you're also in England... It's probably going to rain.
But which ever festival you're at this summer it's sure to be remembered!


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