Get the perfect contouring package to suit your skin tone

Are you new to contouring and want to avoid wasting your money on investing in the wrong products and tools? Don’t worry, at Contour Cosmetics, we have put together several packages to provide you with the ultimate contour make up set. 

The Contour Creation Package

This includes the essential items to achieve that flawless complexion. It is the perfect contouring package and can be bought as the perfect gift or a good investment for on-the-go.

Even better news for you… it currently comes with a free I came, I saw, I contoured tote bag, perfect for your contouring package to be popped inside along with other beauty essentials for a weekend getaway. The tote bag is totally cute and comfortable to carry around with you!

From this ultimate contouring set, you can choose from Contour Original and Contour 2, depending on which shades suit you the best or what kind of look you are going for. In this package, we also have included two of our favourite tools, which will allow you to blend and sculpt any look to absolute perfection. As contouring experts, believe us when we say these brushes are an actual godsend!

They are the ideal combo for applying our cream based contouring too; there are so many blending brushes on the market, but you really see the difference when using our Blending Brush. Its flat topped circular brush formulates soft layers on the face and cheeks, creating a smooth and even coverage, whilst the Sculpting Brush allows you to carve out those amazing cheekbones and create the perfect definition with its precision, giving you the bone structure that you have been longing for.

Pro Blender Package

Our other set is the Pro Blender Package. The Pro Blender that comes with our revolutionary Contour palettes works wonders. It is shaped and crafted to create a studio-finish complexion and define your finest assets.

The good thing is, its expert design makes it extremely easy to use, and it works especially well with our creamy formulas, highlighting and enhancing your best features. However, it is also perfect for applying liquid and cream foundations too, leaving you with an immaculate and smooth complexion.

So why not invest in one of our essential packages? Instead of spending money on separate products from the high street and trial and erroring tools to see if they work well with our cream based makeup, we have your whole contouring kit ready for you, tried and tested!

With The Contour Creation Package which includes the versatile tools, you will save £7 AND get the pretty tote bag for free. What a dreamy Christmas gift it would be too!

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