How to achieve perfectly contoured abs with Contour Cosmetics!

As we all know the summer season is coming to an end and getting that perfected toned beach body can wait until next year. Thankfully, you have the whole year to practise to achieve this must have summer look! Whether its partying in Ibiza, BBQing with friends or attending a summer festival. Have your contour kits at the ready as we share with you a quick guide to achieve those perfectly contoured abs.

1.) Stand hunched with your stomach tightened. This will show the natural muscle tones in your stomach.

2.)Using your 01 Sculpting brush (free with the purchase of a full sized palette) add the darkest shade on your contour set down the middle of your stomach, starting at the bottom of your ribs and going no further than your belly button.

3.) Stand straight and contour just under your V lines. These are located diagonally along your waist. You can also add some shadows to where you want your abs to be.

4.) Now using a damp Pro blender, blend the product you just applied. If you want your abs to look more defined you can try a darker shade of your contour kit then blend again.

5.) Finally, its time to highlight! Highlighter can be amazing as it adds a third dimension to your contour as it makes your newly applied features pop. Using the Contour Rocks add a light layer to the top of your ribs, under your belly button and between your abs.
Now you have this simple how to guide you have a whole twelve months to practice this must have look just in time for next summers bikini season. Remember to add #contourcosmetics on your Instagram pictures as we can't wait to see your finished looks!
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