How To Contour Cheekbones

Whilst Kim Kardashian has shown us the true powers of contour, bad application can have devastating consequences as we have seen with some celebrities snapped in the press. We have seen some painted tiger stripes on faces in our time and it is definitely something you need to avoid. In a few quick steps, we can make sure your cheekbones get the attention that they deserve!

Before you begin:

Prep and prime your skin – create a perfectly smooth canvas ready for contouring! Make-up artists recommend that you use two different shades of foundation before contouring; a slightly darker shade around the perimeter of your face and a lighter complexion towards the centre. Having a great base to work on will help you create a stronger contour.

Step 1:

Using our contour original or contour 2 palette depending on your skin tone, choose a colour that goes well with the undertones of your skin. What works for one person, may not work for you, so make sure you have the perfect shade for you. For more tips on which contour palette would best suit your skin tone, see our colour match page.

Step 2:

Sculpt your face – definition is achieved by finding the hollow part of your cheekbones. Place your fingers on your cheek and find the dip underneath the bones of your cheeks. Just above this dip is where you will apply your contour. This is a good alternative to sucking in your cheeks if you have a rounder face.

Step 3:

Select a darker shade than your skin colour from our contour palette and dot the cream based contour carefully onto the hollows of your cheeks. (A shade that is one or two darker than your skin tone is recommended).

Step 4:

Blend your make up well to achieve a natural finish. Our friends, Niko Pro, offer a luxury set of brushes and the medium sized oval brush would be ideal for diagonally blending the contouring cream to enhance your cheekbones. Try and avoid spreading the darker colour of your cheekbones with the lighter shades but make sure the edges are blended well so that there are no obvious divisions between the shades of make-up used.

Step 5:

For a finishing touch that will make your cheekbones glow, blend in some highlighter on the top of your cheekbones and maybe even some blush to top it off to create a structured look, giving your cheeks that extra depth. Remember that if you do choose to use blush, application should always be soft!

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