Introducing All Day Spray!

Do you want your makeup to last all through the night? Of course you do! There's nothing worse than creating the perfect look and then checking the mirror just hours later to see product has fallen or smudged. 

Contour Cosmetics to the rescue! We only strive for contouring makeup perfection. Now not only do we have our creamy formulated contouring kit that leaves you with a smooth and flawless complexion, but now we have our newest beauty product to keep that contouring fresh and in place.

To prevent a makeup meltdown, we’ve got you sorted with our All Day Spray to make the most of during this festive season. The season is packed with parties where you are looking to impress so this is totally the must-have beauty product.

We only give our contour queens the best quality beauty products to complement their contouring makeup. Here are some tips on how to use our spray:

Refreshing – Why not pop our setting spray into your bag to use at a party because it is not just a great spray for long-lasting makeup, it is also very light and refreshing. So, if you plan on dancing the night away, why not give yourself a little spritz every few hours for a little boost?

Party glitter – It’s the party season and we all love to glam up and make that extra effort. Seal that party glitter with our gorgeous setting spray so that you’re not stressing about glitter clinging onto your party dress.

Add a spritz to your brush – For all you eyeshadow addicts who add water to your brush for extra dimension and texture, you should try it with our setting spray instead. It enhances the shadow and makes it last even longer! Try this for sculpting you brow bone too.

Try it with our primer – for optimum results, team it up with The Base. Apply the primer to smaller areas such as the eyes to keep that colour fresh. Before you mist over your face, layer a primer under it for extra longevity!

Our gorgeous setting spray gives your makeup a flawless matte finish and you get a generous amount in the bottle so you are sorted for the next few months for sure! Prevent any smudging, sliding or fading this festive season – grab one of our refreshing mist sprays so that your makeup looks just-applied throughout the night.

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