Introducing Spotlight - The beginners guide to highlighting

Introducing the new highlighter palette from Contour Cosmetics!

Spotlight features three shimmery, highly pigmented shades to give a beautiful glowing look. This highlight palette is so versatile as its perfect for a glamorous night time look but also for a natural sun kissed glow.

But I know what you're thinking, how do I use this highlight palette? I know it can get pretty confusing staying on trend with using your highlighter, especially with new styles such as strobing, clowning and baking!

So here are 3 beginners steps to using your spotlight palette…

Step one: Along the cheekbones.

For more definition in your cheekbones using a fan brush (part of the Niko Pro Unicorn set) apply highlighter in a diagonal line from the top middle of your cheek to your hair line.

Step two: The bridge of the nose.

By applying a thin layer of highlighter along the bridge of the nose you can really bring attention to your makeup. Doing this after applying your contour makeup to your nose can really make your contour pop as it can make your nose appear thinner and straighter.

Step three: The centre of the bottom lip.

With your finger, or using a small fluffy brush, dab some product from your highlight palette in the middle of your bottom lip. Completing this final step can make your lips appear fuller.

Now you have these three beginners highlighting skills keep practising.....because practise makes perfect!

Remember to post your ContourCelfies to Instagram for a chance to win a Contour bundle.

Buy Contour Cosmetics Spotlight palette now for £20.

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