Introducing the Make Your Mark brush sets!

We have kept you Contour Queens waiting for long enough and now we are so excited for you all to see our latest creation.
Introducing our new Make Your Mark  personalised brush sets, where you can create your own brush bundle from just £15! The power is in your hands...

Step 1
Choose your brush set!
We have three sets you can choose from.


The 4 piece face brush set
Which includes:

1x Blush brush
1x Foundation brush - Perfect for blending your foundation to an even flawless finish
1x Angled fluffy brush - Amazing for bronzer and power contour
1x Fan brush - Awesome for highlighter application



The 4 piece eye brush set
Which includes:

1x Blending brush
1x Shading brush
1x Smudging brush
1x Detail brush




The 8 piece brush set
Which includes everything above




Step 2
Choose your brush colour

Currently you can choose between pretty pink and classic white brushes - more designs to come!


Step 3

Tell us what you want your brushes to say! 
This can be absolutely anything up to 18 characters (including spaces & symbols)
Here are some examples:

Megans brushes 


I woke up like this

Flawless face 


Happy birthday Amy!

Clare Simons MUA

Sarah J  academy

KLP Masterclass




Your brushes will be finished with a rose gold ferrule and lettering for an Insta worthy look!



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