It's time to get glowin'

Summer is coming and its time to get glowin' like our all-time girl crush @bella.akt 😍
Whether you wanna glow to the gods or create a subtle sun kissed shimmer, we've got the highlighter for you.
Get the glow down on our highlighting range below...


Spotlight is our go-to palette for the ultimate glow. We use it for every look from subtle day time chic to full blown evening glam!
The finely milled powders allow the product to be built up on the skin without looking cakey or sitting into pores, so you can amp up your glow as much as you like.
Choose your favourite shade or mix and match to create your own custom illuminator. What are you waiting for?! Save 30% on Spotlight now with code NOSHADE
Psst! Use "Clique" as a blush topper to create that healthy "from within" look.


If you want to achieve a sun-kissed look without the UV rays, look no further than Contour Rocks. Simply sweep over you face with a light hand and voila! You'll look like you just returned from 2 weeks of sun and sea in Santorini... don't worry Contour Queen, your secret is safe with us! Save £5 now with code ROCKSTAR
Tip: Use Contour Rocks with a smaller brush to set and deepen your cream contour


This one is for our more daring Contour Queens! Prism is the perfect highlighter to create a beautiful rainbow glow. We love this one for festivals and summer parties! These 5 shimmering shades can be worn alone or mixed together for a gorgeous iridescent glow that shifts as the light changes.


Can't choose which of our illuminators is best for you? Why not try our Glow Goals Bundle and try out all three of our highlighters. Save £16 with this bundle

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