Lip Contour Kit Restock!

This is not a drill! We currently have our famous Contour Cosmetics Lip Kits on preorder which are expected to ship on the 16th November. Yes, that is tomorrow!

These lip kits include a creamly lipliner and matching lipstick guarenteed to stay put for hours.

These lipsticks consist of 4 insanely pigmented and long lasting shades including:
Stud: A light brown nude lipstick
Vegas: A daring bright red lipstick
Juju: A dusty pink lipstick
Rio: A cute coral peach lipstick
Stud: A light brown nude lipstick

You can now also buy the Lip Kit bundle for only £66 giving you a saving of £22!

If this wasn't exciting enough already we are currently deciding on even more shades to add to add to our Lip Contour Kit list which should be in the works very soon!


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