Makeup trends we would rather forget about!

We have all been there! Even though we can try to forget, untag ourselves from friends Facebook pictures when they're feeling nostalgic, there is no getting away from the embarrassing makeup trends that we use to follow. From the days where no one had heard of contour makeup and brown lipstick was the favourite shade... Here are some of these trends that we would rather forget about.

1.) Realy thin eyebrows

Now eyebrow trends change quite often but in the 00's eyebrows were insanely thin. In come cases compleatly plucked. These days its better to embrase the bushy brow, as it looks more natural and can make you look younger.


2.) Concealer over your lips

Also around this time lipstick wasn't a go to choice but camouflaging lips with concealer was a thing.



3.) Using orange bronzer as finishing powder

 Its like we were so close to discovering highlighting and contour makeup. But instead we just looked like Umpa lumpas



4.) Dark lipliner, clear gloss

What did we have againt lipstick back then? I never remember this being a good look, or where it came from. I just know that it needed to stop ASAP!




5.) Never using a makeup brush

I remember thinking "How can having so many different makeup brushes make any difference?" Oh how I was wrong.


6.) .... And if we did, it was one of these

Which never actually blended properly but we still tried to use them anyway.



7.) Hair mascara

The only way your mum would allow you to add unnatural colour into your hair. If you had dark hair although it never really showed up anyway.


8.) Using foundation 3 shades darker than your skin tone.

A life before contour makeup. Now I know when first contouring this could be seen as a little intimidating. Not knowing where to apply your contour makeup or how much to use to create a naturally chiselled look. However this old school look was way harder to achieve. The skill to achieveing this glamourous look was to literaly cover your face in foundtion that didnt match your skin tone. what made this look extra fabulous was not blending this into your neck or ears.



9.) Way to much eye liner

Most people now all use to know of that one emo kid in 2007 who did this.


 10) Spider lashes

Applying as much mascara as possible to achieve what looked like one super eyelash on each eye.


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