Making sure your makeup brushes last forever!

Well maybe not forever, but for a super long time...
Did you know that you should clean your makeup brushes at least once a month? If not your brushes can dry out from being caked in layers of makeup which can make your brushes feel harsh against your skin. Also the longer your brushes go unwashed more germs, grease and dead skin cells can cling to your makeup brushes which can caused skin irritation and acne.


Cleaning your brushes takes no time at all and can be done following these simple steps:

1.) Firstly place your brushes under warm water and rinse off the first layers of makeup. Anytime that you wet your makeup brushes try your best not to get the handle wet, as water can crack wooden or plastic handles.

2.) Use shampoo or brush cleanser in the palm of your hand and softly massage the bristles with your fingers to make sure that you're getting rid of the dried makeup deep into the bristles.

3.) You can also use a makeup brush mit for a few extra pounds. These mits have different sized ridges to clean different brushes of all sizes.

4.) After either of these steps rinse your brushes untill the water runs clear.

5.) To dry, place your makeup brushes on some kitchen roll and lie flat to let them air dry. Never use a hair dryer for this step!

Remember the longer you look after your brushes, the longer they will last. Then you can spend your money on the things that are really important... like pizza!


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