Struggling for Halloween ideas? Create dramatic looks with our Contour Palettes!

Still undecided over what you are going as for your Halloween party this weekend? This week at Contour Cosmetics, we have seen amazing Halloween looks from using our diverse Contour Palettes. The wolf how to by the makeup artist, Shani, has really stood out and has shown us that with the Contour sets alone, your options for Halloween are totally limitless - so it’s time for you guys to be adventurous!

If you want to recreate the amazing wolf look, we have a few tips for you below…

Wolf how to:

Eyebrows - For her eyebrows, she achieves them by blocking the ends of her brows by using a glue stick. Instead of having the natural curve in the eyebrow, drag your brows up diagonally for a fiercer look.

Contouring and Highlighting - Our Contour Palette has been an essential part for creating this look as she uses the darker shades to her advantage in creating this dramatic look.

You can also use the dark shades to make the really deep contour effects – especially the dark brown shadows achieved on the forehead and cheekbones.

However, if you do not have the time to make an effort this Halloween, we have some quick and easy steps for you to follow for a striking look using our contour palettes this Halloween.

  • Remember to hydrate your skin more than usual, especially if you are going all out with foundation.
  • Apply a generous layer of foundation before you begin contouring, to achieve a flawless complexion, so that you are prepped for your contouring. Our Blending Brush would be perfect for formulating soft layers on the face and cheeks and creating a smooth and even coverage.
  • For a more striking look, we advise you to enhance your features using the darker shades from the Contour Compact 2. The darker, the more dramatic your look will be… and it’s Halloween after all, so why not go all out!
  • Taking the darker shades in Contour Compact 2, find the hollow of your cheekbones and sculpt them using our Sculpting Brush for precise lines! Although you want to create a Halloween look, don’t forget to blend those lines out until there are no hard lines!
  • If you are feeling feline, make sure to get that eyeliner on point, the bolder the better. For a dramatic cat eye look, use dark browns and blacks with thick liner on the tops and bottoms of the eye… and don’t forget that flick.
  • To finish off the look, create liquid liner whiskers or try leopard spots if you don’t fancy going for the safe cat option.

At Contour Cosmetics, we like to make Halloween a bit more glam with the sultry eyes and sculpting out cheekbones to die for! We hope that our tips will help you achieve the perfect look for your party!

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