Summer catch up!

September is here!
Wow, where the hell has summer gone? July & August went quicker than my glass of rosé on a Friday night!
Summer has been busy with us. We worked with GlossyBox on our gorgeous (now sold out!) JUJU Matte Lipstick. Thank you for tagging us in all your gorgeous pics!
Glossybox-contour cosmetics
We also launched into The Fragrance Shop’s new Beauty store- Indulge Beauty! Their first store is in Westfields, London and is AMAZING! You can shop us on their website too- 
We have another exciting new launch with Beauty Cutie. Beauty Cutie is the new online beauty store from the owners of Beauty Works- you will know them for their gorgeous hair extensions. We are launching with them this month and cant wait for the launch party. I will be there having a contour makeover and Instagramming live so you can catch up with all the celebs and beauty influencers that attend.
This summer has also been super exciting because I finalised the packaging FINALLY for our new Rose Gold Collection thats launching next month- eeeek!
I haven’t been as excited about a launch in a really long time and the concept has been in my mind for almost 2 years so I am really keen (and nervous!) to hear what you all think!
So, here it is first hand- we are launching 4 new highlighters. The Bounce Highlighter comes in 2 shades- 24 Carat & Rosé. The texture is beautiful, it really does feel bouncy and the pigment is insane! The packaging is all rose gold so super pretty and instagrammable.
We then have the Jelly highlighters launching in the same colours as above. The Jelly highlighters are something I have been working on for so long. I know in the meantime other bands have brought out their versions (typical!) but I feel like I have really taken my time and created some awesome packaging so I hope they are worth the wait!
Last but not least are also launching the Pressed Glitter Palette. This is a bit special! Again in Rose Gold packaging this 7 cell pressed glitter palette will be amazing for the festive season so I’m really excited to se what you all think (and all the looks you create with it!)
Here is a sneaky snap of the new products- We will do a pre-order a few weeks before launch and share more info and videos then.
I hope you have all had an awesome Summer! In terms of holidays I haven't gone anywhere this Summer due to me giving birth in June to my little girl Céline! So as you can imagine it really has been an exciting and busy summer. Here is a snap of the mini Contour Queen!
Signing off now and I will be back with another blog soon, what would you like to see? Let me know on social media. 
 Lots of Love Charlotte xoxox
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