The Contour Cosmetics, contour awards!

With so many award shows focusing on 'who wore what best' & 'Whos hot or not' at the moment we thought we would present a little awards of our own. We're showing what we think, are some of the best makeup looks using our products over the last few weeks.
Now all you contour queens are definitely all fabulous, so lets celebrate a few of these stunning makeup looks (female empowerment and all that!).

Our first look is by @itsisabelbedoya who uses our Contour 2 palette to create a glowing chissled look. This contour kit is super creamy and pigmented, meaning that a little bit of product really does go a long way.

When choosing which contour kit is for you, we would say that both palettes are designed to cater for as many skin tones as possible. Contour origional is better for warmer tones, and Contour 2 for cooler tones. However you can always mix these shades to create your own. Isbabel finishes this look by using the Contour Cosmetics Spotlight highlighter palette. This palette features three shimmery, highly pigmented shades ready to create a beautiful sunkissed glow.

Our next contour queen is the lovely @keke.zhane who looks absolutly flawless using our Contour Origional contour kit.

This contour kit suits her warm skin tone perfectly. From the image you can see that she has highlighted under her eyes, down her nose and along her chin. She's also contoured along her cheekbones and at the top of her forehead. This look shows that applying contour makeup doesnt always have to be OTT glamourous, as this subtle contoured look and natural eye makeup makes her skin look natural and flawless.

Our next look is from the fabulous @masnax. We love this girl as she uses a Contour Cosmetics product for ever step of her look (I mean who wouldnt?!)

Firstly she uses our primer 'The Base'. This primer is essential to any makeup creation. This product works wonders to prep and smooth out your skin, ready for makeup to be applied. This product leaves you with soft, silky skin with an even finish.
She then uses our blending brush teamed with our All Day setting spray to blend out her foundation.
For her eye makeup she uses the Contour Cosmetics Aphrodite palette. This eye shadow palette is a total must have for any event as with 12 shimmery and matte shades it can compliment all eye colours and occasions. She finishes this look by applying our shimmery Spotlight highlighter palette. She uses the shade 'Mink' as this really makes her makeup pop as medium skin tones look best with bronze and gold hues.

You can shop the latest range of our products at www.contourcosmetics.co.uk/

You can also # your own Instagram pictures and videos #contourcelfie, to feature on our Instagram page.

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