The Rose Gold Collection has arrived...& I am a bit obsessed!

Hello Queens!

I am SOOOOO excited that we have FINALLY after over 12 months work launched our Rose Gold Collection on to the website *does an excited dance*

I came up with the concept of Jelly/bouncy products in March 2017 but wasn't sure where to go with it and how it would work. It took until November 2017 for me to finally start playing around with formulas and shades and get creating!

I love highlighters and I really wanted to bring something new, exciting and fun to the market but more importantly something that really works! Honestly, I love the highlighters (yeah, yeah, I am going say that!) but some products I bring out I wouldn't always use myself or they wouldn't be part of my day to day routine. These products have totally taken centre stage on my dressing table (and not just because they look so pretty!) So here is the low down on the collection & what it includes-

The Pressed Glitter Palette

We haven't had an eye palette since our Aphrodite Palette sold out so I was really keen to bring out something a bit different when bringing out our next palette.

I love glitter- like love it! But I found a lot of glitters were itchy, very clumpy and thick and were not comfortable to wear. My mission was to create really fine glitters that felt silky and comfortable but still seriously pigmented.

The feedback from the glitters has been amazing, better than I could have imagined and they are currently out selling the highlighters- which I am so happy and surprised about.

The palette consists of 7 shades and a little really does go a long way!


Shop The Glitter Palette


Jelly Highlighters

I was working on these way before any other jellies hit the market, but hey, the joys of being a small business means I cant get things out as quickly as I would always want to! However, they are here and I am more than happy with the shades, the formula and how they sit and feel on the skin. PLUS the packaging is probably the best I ever ever designed!

The jellies work in a similar way to liquid highlighters, you can apply straight on the skin to wear under your foundation to give a dewy highlight. Or use on the high points of your face for a full out glow (thats how I wear mine!)

They come in two shades- Rosé which is a rose gold shade or 24 Carat which is our gold shade. Rosé is so far proving more popular but I personally prefer 24 Carat Its so luxurious and warm- I love warm shades on my skin as I have a warmer undertone.

(24 Carat shade shown above) Shop the Jelly Highlighters 

Bounce Highlighters

These little babies are now my day to day highlighters! They come in the same shades as the Jelly Highlighters and work really nicely with the Jellies for even more highlight (Hello, glow you can see from space!)

The texture is bouncy to the touch, it doesn't feel powdery or cakey like a powder, its really smooth with no fallout. Its so handy it comes in a compact with a mirror too- I pop this in my bag and use it as my day to day compact.

(Shade Rosé show above) Shop the Bouncy Highlighters

The Rose Gold Collection is my favourite set of products I  have created in a  really long time and I am so happy to share them with you. I would love to hear your feedback so please let me know how you are finding the products- I am dying to know!

As always thank you so much for supporting the Contour brand- you guys are AMAZING!

Love you!

Char xoxoxo

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