This years strangest beauty trends.... so far!

Every year there are makeup trends that are deemed as strange or over the top. Once this included things such as contouring, clowning and baking! Luckily enough these amazing beauty trends caught on and are now part of many peoples makeup routines.
However it seems that every year these trends get weirder and weirder!
Here are some of the strangest beauty trends of 2017...

1.) Using house hold items to replace your beauty blender.

From eggs, to bra padding to even condoms! I have no idea who strarted this trend or why but I hope it doesnt stay around for too long. Also this never appears to work well, as using these things never actually seems to blend in makeup. I also love how so many people do this with a serious face the whole time.



2.) Lip plumping cups


Yes this was 2016 but since the Kylie Jenner challenge took the internet by storm last year (which I thought was hilarious!) we are still obsessed with making our lips way bigger. Companies are now selling lip plumping kits to increase your size little by little.



3.) Smashing makeup products


 ... I still dont understand, just why?! Shop the rainbow highlighter.




4.) Glitter, EVERYWHERE!


Yes. It does look insanely cool, but have you ever experienced the dificulty in trying to remove a single piece of glitter from your hair or skin? If you tried this, you'll still be finding glitter in places you didnt even know about years later.



5.) Fake freckles


 This is a trend I'm into. Freckles can make you look cute and fresh faced. They can also add colour to your face if you're a person who can never seem to get a sun tan.



6.) Holographic everything

From nails to lips to ultra-highlighters to rainbow highlighter, the holographic sexy alien look is definitely THE thing on Instagram right now... I have yet to see someone just doing the weekly shop with this look though.



7.) Anything and everything to do with black head removal.

With so many new products coming out so often for black head removal this is definitely something you either love or hate.

 Anything we've missed out? What do you think is the strangest beauty trend of 2017 so far?

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